Westwood Sewer Repairs


Westwood Sewer repairs, Brighton


City Care

Contract Manager:

Gus Clearwater / Darcy Pine

Under contract to City Care, Clearwater Civil started work last July to repair collapsed sewerage pipes. The job required having to replace some 200 metres of pipe, reline the southern end of the sewer and install a wastewater storage chamber. The depth of the line (up to four metres), sandy ground and a high water table added to the challenges of the work.

“We had to use pumps the whole time, including sewage pumps to bypass the sewer for six months,” says Clearwater Civil’s managing director Gus Clearwater.

Putting in the large storage chamber was a mammoth task in itself, with pumps working 24/7 for a month to keep groundwater out ahead of installation. The storage tank had to be strapped to concrete ballast to hold it in place, before the area around it was backfilled.

The work was completed in May.